Thursday, July 31, 2014


The Iceman, White Dragon Halfmoon from Aquastar71
I had mentioned earlier that bettas were like potato chips, you can’t have just one.  Herein lies the hobbyist’s conundrum.  Before you jump into a hobby take a moment to think about how much time and money you want to commit to your hobby.    Some of us are satisfied to have a few pretty fish adorning our homes.  Others want to pursue the perfect fish and set up elaborate breeding programs supported by dedicated rooms and dozens of tanks (if not hundreds).

The Dark Lord, Black Half Moon (not Melano) from StoryBettas
I am happily at the point in my life where I have lots of free time and enough spare change that I can keep and maintain a number of fish.  My first round of purchases were all multi-color fish: a red, white, & blue tri-color, a red & white bi-color, and a pale mustard gas with an aqua body and gold fins.  My second round of purchases are all solids: a black, a white, a red, & a blue.    

Blue, Blue Half Moon from Paitune
I have purchased females for each of my males and have been housing them in separate 2.5 gallon tanks.  When the new purchases arrive I will move all the ladies to a sorority tank, and reserve the betta bungalows for the boys.    

Red, Red Half Moon from Paitune
So have I thought about how far I will my hobby?  This first year back I am going to limit myself to 12 males.  I’m calling it My Betta Calendar.  Yet to be purchased are a solid yellow, a solid orange, a koi pattern (I’m looking for the right black, orange, & white combo) and two colors yet to be determined to complete the even dozen.  At least that's the plan....and yet there is that sorority tank.

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