Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Tetra LED Cube 3-Gallon Aquarium
I have to admit that at one point I had a betta in a giant brandy snifter with colored gravel. Since then I have learned a lot about betta keeping and naturally planted aquariums. Now my goal is to house my bettas in functional, pretty to look at, inexpensive to maintain, tanks. To me that means naturally planted tanks with a sleek appearance free of lots of messy wires and equipment. 

Top Fin 10 Liter Cube Glass Aquarium
Ever since Takashi Amno came on the scene in the 1990s I have been a fan of the sleek aquariums inspired by the Japanese. The birth of the “Nano Aquarium” was all this betta fancier needed to pair a beautiful environment with a beautiful fish. So, I set out to find the perfect home for my soon to arrive Thai immigrants. At this point of my life I have had the happy circumstance of surrounding myself with many quality beautiful things. However, not since my dilettantish twenties have I been willing to over pay for an item. As much as I admired the stylish cube shaped aquariums popular with the current generation, I was unwilling to pay what I saw as an exorbitant price for a five gallon aquarium. I mean, my betta doesn’t need a $100 bowl to live in. 

Top Fin 2.5 Glass Aquarium
One of my go to places for pet supplies is Walmart. Go on, you can be politically correct all you want. I’m gonna shop where I can buy a quality item for my bettas at an affordable price. I first stumbled across  Tetra’s LED Cube 3-Gallon Aquarium, an acrylic, seamless tank with LED light and internal filter for just $30. It’s slick looking and though I may supplement the lighting, It will make an impressive home for one of my boys.

Azoo Palm Filter
However, I like glass. It doesn’t scratch or cloud over time like acrylic. On a trip to PetSmart to look for betta food, I found Top Fin’s 10 liter (2.6 gallon) aquarium. It is exactly the kind of space age, sleek showcase I was seeking for my finned jewels. More traditional, but highly functional are Top Fin’s 2.5 gallon aquariums, already notched for dividers to house the finny harem. 

Illuminada12-Inch Collapsible Full Spectrum Desk Lamp
All of these will be paired with Azoo Palm Filters and Illuminada 16291-006 12-Inch Collapsible Full Spectrum Desk Lamps, on an industrial chic chrome book shelf in front of my chair side window, affording me with easy viewing and the fish and plants with lots of natural light. Now where will I put the nursery tanks?

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