Friday, September 19, 2014


Mae West, Vanity Fair 1938

Recently a betta fancier asked on one of the popular forums why others kept bettas.  I answered, in part, because they were among the most interesting of fishes.  Like most in the fancy I have focused on the male of the species, whose form and demeanor overshadow the less elaborately draped females.  However, one of my new purchases has shown me that the females are not to be ignored.

I recently purchased a very striking pair of yellow & black bi-colors.  They were marketed as koi, but lacked the white, orange, & black we normally associate with the goldfish pattern.  Nonetheless, I was ecstatic at receiving the pair, immediately dubbing them BB (bumble bee) and Miss Bee.  BB had a very difficult journey spending almost a week in his shipping pack trapped beneath the almond leaf that was supposed to ensure his health.  He is recovering in a spacious three gallon tank equipped with a lot of greenery and a gentle filter.  His intended, Miss Bee, was temporarily housed in a gallon cube adjacent to one of my most spectacular males, Mister Red.

Miss Bee, Black & Yellow Bi-Color

I awoke this morning to find that Miss Bee, a rather voluptuous female, in Mr Red’s tank.  Mr Red was still in his courting mode, blowing bubbles and strutting, but apparently had not moved onto more serious business.  I immediately scooped up Miss Bee and returned her to her cubicle, adding a construction paper chastity topper.  This evening I went to check on them only to find Miss Bee canoodling with Mr Red.  This time she was not going back to her cell without objection.  She flung herself over the net into an empty tank on the shelf below.  I swear she was channeling Mae West…”Miss Bee, are you trying to show contempt for this owner?  No, your honor, I’m trying to conceal it.”

I do hope BB survives.  I so want fry from this girl.  I think they will be pretty, but I know they will be sassy.

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