Monday, June 30, 2014


Indy, red, white, & blue tricolor
It’s not like I really left. Every time I would stop by PetSmart for supplies for my 60 gallon tank of koi patterned angelfish, I would stop and mourn over the sad little bettas scattered around the fish section. I would look in on the Aquatic Gardeners Association web site and marvel at the nano aquarium aquascapes. Whenever my Drs Foster & Smith catalog came I would check out all the fun stuff available for small aquarium set ups.

After a light fixture failure necessitated the replanting of my big tank, I dropped in on AquaBid to look for plants. I knew I should have just logged off when I couldn’t find the plants I needed, but, no, I had to browse the betta section and then I found him, a red, white & blue, tri-color. The breeder called him a “Super Fancy Dragon”. As you can see from the above photo, this totally superlative description in no way did him justice. With the 4th of July holiday approaching, I knew I had to have him. A couple of emails and a Paypal transfer later, “Indy” (for Independence Day) and two female companions are making their way from Thailand. 

This blog will chronicle my reacquaintance with betta keeping. I hope to share my enthusiasm for this most beautiful and entertaining of fishes with those who drop by.

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